Thursday 18th April
(Durham County FA Champions League
Cup Final - 7.00pm kick-off)
Boldon Shack v Throston Wanderers SEAH
To be played at
Seaham Red Star FC, Seaham Town Park
Sunday 21st April
(Bradley Lowery Foundation Cup Final @ Blackhall Welfare Park)
Throston Wanderers v Hartlepool Old Boys BWP
Thursday 25th April
(6.15pm kick-off)
Greatham Bull & Dog v Shottons 3 Lions GREA R. Clementson
Throston Wanderers v AFC Supporters KGV M. Gale
Sunday 28th April
(Colin Lyver Premier Cup
@ Hartlepool United FC)
Throston Hotspur Belle Vue v Throston Wanderers  HUFC
(League Games)
Central v Hartlepool Old Boys G2 B. Doughty
Lion O'Malleys v Travellers Rest KGV T. Jukes
Shottons 3 Lions v Blackhall Hardwick G5 E. Draper
Thursday 02nd May
(6.15pm kick-off)
Throston Wanderers v Travellers Rest KGV L. Hardy
Sunday 05th May
(Steven Tierney Memorial
Cup Final 
@ Grayfields Enclosure)
Lion O'Malleys v Shottons 3 Lions ENC
(League Games)
Throston Hotspur Belle Vue v Hartlepool Old Boys G2 E. Draper
Throston Wanderers v Greatham Bull & Dog KGV B. Doughty
Travellers Rest v Blackhall Hardwick RH4 L. Watts
Thursday 09th May
(6.15pm kick-off)
W.H.T.D.S.O.B. v Throston Wanderers TDS1 B. Doughty
Sunday 12th May
Hartlepool Old Boys v W.H.T.D.S.O.B G5 G. Muir
Throston Hotspur Belle Vue v Shottons 3 Lions  G2 M. Guffick
Travellers Rest v Throston Wanderers RH4 T. Jukes
Thursday 16th May
(6.15pm kick-off)
Throston Wanderers v Shottons 3 Lions KGV M. Gale
Sunday 19th May
(John Dowson Memorial
Cup Final
@ Grayfields Enclosure)
Throston Hotspur Belle Vue Throston Wanderers ENC