Sunday 23rd September
(John Dowson Memorial Cup - extra-time & penalties if req'd)
AFC Supporters v Travellers Rest G8 M. GUFFICK
Blackhall Hardwick v Camerons BWP P. BEDDOW
Tall Ships v Central RH1 M. HOBSON
The Globe v Throston Hotspur Belle Vue G6 E. COOKLAND
(Following game to be rescheduled due to pitch clash)
Causeway Inn       v Shottons 3 Lions Date TBA
(League Games)
Greatham Bull & Dog v Hartlepool Old Boys GREA M. GALE
Lion O'Malleys v Throston Wanderers KGV L. WATTS
Shottons 3 Lions v W.H.T.D.S.O.B. G5 D. WHITEHEAD
Sunday 30th September
Bradley Lowery Foundation Cup - extra time & pens if req'd)
Camerons v Greatham Bull & Dog RH1 D. WHITEHEAD
Gillen Arms  (Expelled) v Throston Hotspur Belle Vue  (Walkover)
Hartlepool Old Boys v The Pot House G5 S. COATES
Lion O'Malleys v The Globe KGV E. DRAPER
The Mowbray v Shottons 3 Lions RH5 R. CLEMENTSON
W.H.T.D.S.O.B. v Central TDS1 L. WATTS
(Following game to be rescheduled due to available facilities)
Tall Ships  v Travellers Rest Date TBA
(League Games)
Blackhall Hardwick v Throston Wanderers BWP M. GALE
Throston Hotspur v Travellers Rest GLV8 TBA
**No Game - AFC Supporters**
Sunday 07th October - (Durham FA Champions League Cup)
Throston Wanderers v Sherburn FC KGV
(Durham FA Sunday Cup -
 3rd Preliminary Round)
Central v Whickham Coachman GLV8
Hebburn Clock Premier Scaf. v Hartlepool Old Boys -----
Midlstn Moor Masons Arms v W.H.T.D.S.O.B -----
Ryhope C.W. (Sun) v Travellers Rest -----
Stanley Ball Alley or
Witton Park Rose & Crown v Blackhall Hardwick -----
Sunderland The Lansdowne v Shottons 3 Lions -----
(League Games)
AFC Supporters v Throston Hotspur Belle Vue G8 TBA
Greatham Bull & Dog v Lion O'Malleys GREA TBA