Cup Draws from September Meeting
John Dowson Memorial Cup - 11th November
Tall Ships  or Central v Causeway Inn or 3 Lions Sports Domes
Blackhall Hardwick  or  Camerons v W.H.T.D.S.O.B.
Lion O'Malleys v Greatham Bull & Dog KGV
AFC Supporters  or  Travellers Rest v South Durham Social Club
Seaton Carew Sports & Soc  or Welfare Ath. v Throston Wanderers
The Pot House v The Mowbray G7
Hartlepool Old Boys v Raglan  or  Hartlepool Snooker Centre G5
Nursery Inn  or  Seaton Social  v The Globe  or Throston Hotspur Belle Vue
Durham FA Sunday Cup - 1st Preliminary Round - 2nd September
43 Seaham Marborough v Raglan -----
49 Throston Wanderers v Spennymoor The Voltigeur KGV
51 Bishop Middleham Gillen Arms #
58 Blackhall Hardwick v Dubmire WMC BWP
59 W.H.T.D.S.O.B. v Quarrington Hill TDS1
63 Bishop  Auckland St. Marys U.23's v Central ***
67 Billingham The Lion v Seaton Social ------
69 New Brancepeth WMC v Welfare Athletic ------
72 The Pot House v Sunderland The Lansdowne G7
77 Travellers Rest v Sacriston WMC RH4
93 3 Lions Sports Domes  v Eaglescliffe FC G5
94 Washington Westwood v South Durham Social Club ------
95 East Rainton FC v Hartlepool Old Boys ------
98 Sunderland The Stackyard v Hartlepool Snooker Centre ------
*** - Bishop Auckland St. Marys U.23's have since folded so Central have a BYE
# - Gillen Arms expelled from League so Bishop Middleham have a BYE
AFC Supporters Lion O'Malleys

Cup Draws from August Meeting
Steven Tierney Memorial Cup - 9th September
Lion Hillcarter v Seaton Social KGV
Hartlepool Old Boys v Hartlepool Snooker Centre G5
Camerons  v Nursery Inn RH1
Gillen Arms v Travellers Rest BRIER
Causeway Inn v Seaton Carew Sports & Social  BR-3G
3 Lions Sports Domes   (Pitch 7) v The Globe G7
Throston Hotspur Belle Vue v Raglan GLV8
Central   (Pitch 6) v Welfare Athletic G6
The Mowbray v The Pot House RH5
AFC Supporters Blackhall Hardwick
Greatham Bull & Dog Throston Wanderers
South Durham Social Club Tall Ships
John Dowson Memorial Cup - 23rd September
Nursery Inn v Seaton Social BR-3G
Causeway Inn         (Date TBA) v 3 Lions Sports Domes TBA
Raglan v Hartlepool Snooker Centre G7
AFC Supporters v Travellers Rest G8
Gillen Arms v The Mowbray BRIER
Blackhall Hardwick v Camerons BWP
The Globe v Throston Hotspur Belle Vue G6
Seaton Carew Sports & Social v Welfare Athletic HPK
Tall Ships v Central RH1
Greatham Bull & Dog Hartlepool Old Boys
Lion Hillcarter Throston Wanderers
W.H.T.D.S.O.B. South Durham Social Club
The Pot House
Bradley Lowery Foundation Cup - 30th September
Camerons v Greatham Bull & Dog RH1
The Mowbray v 3 Lions Sports Domes RH5
Lion Hillcarter v The Globe KGV
South Durham Social Club v Causeway Inn RH
Tall Ships   (Date TBA) v Travellers Rest RH
W.H.T.D.S.O.B. v Central TDS1
Seaton Carew Sports & Social v Hartlepool Snooker Centre HPK
Gillen Arms v Throston Hotspur Belle Vue BRIER
Hartlepool Old Boys v The Pot House G5
Blackhall Hardwick Throston Wanderers
AFC Supporters Nursery Inn
Raglan Seaton Social
Welfare Athletic
Colin Lyver Premier Cup -
21st October
3 Lions Sports Domes v Hartlepool Old Boys G5
W.H.T.D.S.O.B. v Travellers Rest TDS1
Throston Hotspur Belle Vue v Central GLV8
Blackhall Hardwick Throston Wanderers
AFC Supporters Greatham Bull & Dog
Lion Hillcarter
Barry Hogan 1st Division Cup -
21st October
Welfare Athletic v Tall Ships BHAM
Hartlepool Snooker Centre v Camerons RH2
The Globe v South Durham Social Club G6
Gillen Arms v Raglan BRIER
The Mowbray v The Pot House RH5
Seaton Social   (Pitch 1) v Causeway Inn RH1
Seaton Carew Sports & Social
Nursery Inn
Match No. Durham FA Sunday Cup - 1st Preliminary Round - 2nd September
1 Langley Park v Seaton Carew Sports & Social -----
5 Sunderland The Saltgrass v Gillen Arms -----
8 Seaton Social v Spennymoor The Ash Tree RH2
12 East Stanley WMC v Tall Ships -----
16 Burnhopfield Sun Inn v South Durham Social Club -----
17 Camerons v Peases West Sports Club RH1
23 The Globe v Consett Top Club G6
28 3 Lions Sports Domes v Sunderland Redhouse G5
32 Easington Colliery Club Mechanics v Greatham Bull & Dog -----
34 Sunderland Queen Vic v Throston Wanderers -----
37 Welfare Athletic  v Seaham Parkside Club BHAM 
39 The Mowbray v Washington Westwood RH5
40 Peterlee The Hearts v Causeway Inn ------
Blackhall Hardwick Central
Hartlepool Old Boys Hartlepool Snooker Centre
Raglan The Pot House
Travellers Rest W.H.T.D.S.O.B.
AFC Supporters Lion Hillcarter
Throston Hotspur Belle Vue
Not Entered:
Nursery Inn
Durham FA Champions League Cup - 9th September
Thornaby Oddfellows v Throston Wanderers -----